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Time set aside just for you

Deciding to start seeing a therapist is a big step and I hope this website will help. 


In my view, anything that is bothering you and preventing you from making the most of your life is worth exploring - however hopeless or trivial it may seem. 

A new understanding of old trouble is often the key to loosening the hold of unresolved pain that is keeping you entrapped, or repeating unhelpful behaviours.


As you talk, I listen and observe, in a way you may not have experienced before.  This process is often much easier with someone neutral, neither family nor friend, but trained in understanding.   Without worrying about the ramifications of what you might say, knowing it is safe and confidential, you are free to explore what your feelings mean for you.  


My approach is never judgemental and I do not give advice.


My role is to listen carefully, make links or suggestions and help you make sense of confusing or unbearable thoughts and feelings.   I offer face-to-face individual therapy, in confidence, in a calm, peaceful and private setting in Henley-on-Thames and online.   Sessions are usually weekly, sometimes twice a week, and therapy tends to be open-ended and long-term.


It is time set aside just for you, to help you make sense of your inner world.


Feel free to look through this website to discover more about how I can help.

To arrange an initial meeting with no further obligation, please use the form or the details on the Contact page to get in touch.  I look forward to hearing from you.


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Counsellor for adults and young people in Henley | Catherine Winchester

Psychodynamic psychotherapist

for adults and young people. 


Clinical supervisor for trainee and qualified therapists.

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