I have worked as a therapist with adults of all ages and situations in life. Asylum seekers to wealthy professionals.  

Some were struggling with recent problems and others with the consequences of earlier life events, or the aftermath of another person's actions, decisions or neglect; suffering from symptoms ranging from depression to anxiety attacks, difficulties with work or relationships, substance abuse or other damaging behaviours. 

Often, the core of the problem is more about how they feel about themselves.  This could be as a result of bullying or other forms of abuse, or feelings about sexual or gender identity, cultural or racial issues - among many others.  


At the same time, I have pursued my interest in counselling children and adolescents by working therapeutically with many hundreds of young people, from all sorts of backgrounds. This experience has been supported by specialist training and supervision.

I have worked as a counsellor for charities, in a primary school, a secondary school, a large and diverse further education college and a university. 


For many years I was a volunteer counsellor, then Clinical Manager and Clinical Supervisor at No5 Young People,  a charity that supports children and young people in Reading.  As Clinical Manager, I dealt with safeguarding and ethical responsibilities, as well as recruiting, managing and mentoring a large team of counsellors.

I have been a therapist in private practice in Henley-on-Thames since 2014.

Before all this, I was a trustee of a counselling charity in Henley and, before that, I worked as a scientist in an international role for an intergovernmental body set up by the United Nations.

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