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Counselling for adults and young people in Henley-on-Thames | Henley Counselling

Fees and practical arrangements

All fees are payable by BACS, or cash on the day, unless agreed otherwise.  The fee is the same, whether face-to-face or online.  


The first step is to arrange an initial confidential appointment, which costs £75 and lasts up to an hour and a half.  

This initial session is an opportunity for you to tell me about your reasons for seeking therapy and for us both to find out what it might be like to work together.   

I shall have questions about your current situation and the circumstances of your early life.   You will be free to ask me about the process and how it might address your goals.   If I feel that another professional would be of greater help to you, I shall let you know, although this is unusual. 

If you are bringing a young person to see me, we'll all meet together for a short while at first and talk about family dynamics, until the young person is comfortable.   



If we go ahead, we shall arrange a regular session of 50 minutes at the same time every week.  Regular sessions for all ages cost £75 each week. 

Our work together is on an open-ended basis, which means we continue to meet until coming to a decision that it is time to end.  

Insurance-funded or EAP work is charged at £80 per session, to cover additional costs.


Supervision sessions of 50 minutes' duration (usually fortnightly) are charged at £50 per session. There is no extra charge for filling in forms for training providers. 

Monthly sessions for experienced therapists are for an hour and a half and are charged at £75.

Please note that I do not offer free taster sessions for potential supervisees but an exploratory session will provide plenty of opportunity to decide whether we are a good fit to continue a supervisory relationship.  

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