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Time set aside for you to talk

Talking therapy is for all of us - anyone feeling overwhelmed, stuck, confused, misunderstood, angry, helpless, hopeless - whatever our background, situation or age.


This is a safe place for you to talk, where you can be truly heard.


You may say something like:

  • No-one ever really listens to me, I wish I could stand up for myself.

  • Why do I feel like this now?  It's been a while,  why can't I just move on?

  • Plenty of people have worse problems, I shouldn't make a fuss.

  • I seem to end up making the same mistakes, over and over.

  • It isn't fair, they are fine but I end up getting hurt.

  • Everyone praises me for being strong but I feel terrible inside.

  • Things went wrong back then and I've never had the life I wanted.

  • It's a struggle to get out of bed, I don't know how I can go on.

  • What difference can it possibly make?  


No two clients are ever the same but everyone I meet in the therapy room wants something to change and we'll work towards this together.  

The psychodynamic approach involves making links between past events and relationships and those in the present, to help you gain insight into the roots of your difficulties and make lasting changes.   I am here to listen to you tell your story, at your own pace, in a way that is probably difficult elsewhere.  We meet in the same quiet, peaceful room, with no interruptions or distractions, for 50 minutes, at the same time each week.  It is your slot, your "therapeutic hour".  

I shan't judge what you say, or be offended, or offer reassurances.  There is no programme, no agenda, except the ones you bring.  Your goals could be vague -  "I just want to feel like me again" or specific - "I want to conquer this ... ".   Maybe they will develop as we go along.  The confidentiality of our sessions means that you can feel free to express thoughts or emotions, explore ideas and memories, discuss dreams or day-to-day events.  We'll talk about what concerns you and what is making your life complicated.  We'll think together about past events and patterns, how you experience other people, including me.  Our relationship becomes a tool, as part of the process.  

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