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New Year, new reflections

Counsellor Henley, counsellor Reading

What does New Year make you think about?

Is it time for a change?

Time to reflect on what has been happening, or not happening, in your life? Is it time to look for a counsellor to help you make sense of it all? To help you reflect, in ways that it is not possible to do alone, with empathy, understanding and impartial honesty.

Counselling - psychotherapy - can be an investment in yourself and your future, by helping you learn more about your moods, feelings, thoughts and behaviours and ultimately how to respond better to life's challenges.

Counselling could also be thought of as a make-over, a work-out for your SELF. It creates an opportunity for the exploration of thoughts, feelings and behaviour with the aim of solving problems, achieving higher levels of functioning and boosting an individual's sense of his or her own well-being.

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