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What is different about psychodynamic therapy? Update 2023 - 2024 - two spots available for adults

At this time of year, people often reflect on their circumstances and decide they would like to try talking to someone neutral, in confidence, within a secure trusting relationship. Most of the many types of therapy available offer something like this but in the psychodynamic approach you will be helped to think about thoughts and feelings that have been pushed out of your awareness exactly because they were so difficult to deal with alone. There might be patterns of relating or avoiding which have become routine but are no longer helpful or necessary. Unacknowledged feelings that have been kept at bay, rather than thought through. Blockages or dead-ends in your mind that stop you from living as completely as you would like. Inexplicable or damaging behaviours that you realise hold you back but can't make sense of.

Psychodynamic therapy is not a quick fix, it is a serious collaboration carried out in an ethical way (always in your best interests), with warmth and caring, never judgemental.

If you would like to explore how this works and could potentially be free each week at 2 pm on Wednesday or 2 pm on Friday, please get in touch.


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