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Putting back the pieces

Life is a puzzle. Where do the pieces fit?

When you are blown apart, how do you get them back again?

This may look like child's play, but it really isn't.

For most of us, it isn't at all easy to do this on our own.

Perhaps the pieces that once seemed to fit together somehow don't work any more, the puzzle just doesn't seem to make any sense.

All sorts of life events can make us feel in bits and wonder how we'll ever feel whole again. This is especially true at times of transition or change in life - moving to a new school, adolescence, having a baby, losing someone or adapting to a new person in the family - even more so when there's a shock that takes us completely by surprise.

If it seems impossible to "pull yourself together", don't worry, this feeling is much more common than you might imagine. Talk to someone who understands this and is skilled and qualified to help.

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