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Still zooming

While some of my colleagues have been seeing clients face-to-face again, I have made the decision that it is not right for me, yet, to invite people back in person. The main reason for this is to maintain consistency - unless you or I are ill we can continue to work together remotely, whereas face-to-face meetings are disrupted by the need to self-isolate when any of us is in contact with someone who has tested positive. If I were to test positive, I should have to break confidentiality to give the details of people I had seen as clients, perhaps putting them in an awkward position about explaining how they had been traced. We know now that double vaccination is not the complete protection we had once maybe assumed. In my consulting room, it would be difficult to maintain appropriate distance and ventilation.

The other important reason for continuing to work remotely is that it is extremely effective therapeutically. It also has advantages that outweigh the loss of personal presence, for many people. When it seems safe and appropriate to do so, I shall offer both face-to-face and remote sessions.

At the moment, I am not open to new clients but am always happy to hear from old clients who would like to re-connect, as well as therapists looking for clinical supervision.


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