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May 2021 - where we are

Spring is here, though it feels slow, almost reluctant in settling. High winds, heavy showers and chilly air all keep us indoors, wondering when this will ease. It has been similar with the lockdown. Who expected we should still be so cautious, over a year after the restrictions became routine? Some of my colleagues are working face-to-face again, or offering walking therapy. Masks are still recommended indoors, unless there is a 2 metre gap and good ventilation. Vaccination status will make many people feel safer but we still don't know enough about transmission and a possible further wave of infections. Meanwhile, there is an increasing need for therapy - for those who want to return after an interruption caused by the pandemic, for those who have been bereaved or suffered other life-disrupting events. Many people are angry, disappointed, lonely, desperate. Others are in search of answers to questions that have nothing to do with the pandemic at all, as ever. All deserve to be heard.

My experience over the last year has been that online, or sometimes telephone, therapy has been much more than a stop-gap. Relationships with clients who used to come to see me and relationships with those whom I have never seen except on screen have been meaningful, useful and therapeutic.

For the time being, I shall continue to offer remote therapy only. My diary has been full but there are one or two slots available now during the middle of the day, and some spaces for supervision (since most supervision is fortnightly).


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