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Resuming face-to-face consultations - a question of risk?

We are not out of the COVID woods yet - rates of infection in the Henley area have been high during the last few weeks - but it is generally acknowledged that the vaccination programme has given us sufficient immunity to be able to manage risk ourselves. I shall follow the guidelines from the NHS and my professional body, BACP and I plan to discuss aspects of risk and safety with all clients who choose to continue, or begin, their therapy face-to-face. Thinking about regular human interaction as a potential cause of infection was not uppermost in our minds before 2020, except for those with compromised immunity. Let's hope we can return to a situation of reasonable, acceptable risk. The pandemic robbed us of the experience of actually, physically sharing a therapeutic space with another - although working on zoom often felt just as real and had many benefits. I look forward to sharing the space and seeing what happens.


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