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One of the main aims of counselling is to ’guide us from feeling victims of circumstances to feeling we have some control over our lives’ (Hetty Einzig). Counselling and psychotherapy are always undertaken at the request of the client and no-one can properly be ’sent’ for counselling or psychotherapy. There are many situations these days where people with influence in our lives (perhaps a relative, manager at work, or teacher) will suggest talking therapies as a solution to a problem. This should be offered without any pressure or strings attached. Therapy is time set aside by you and the therapist to look at what has brought you to therapy. This might include talking about life events, (pa

Feeling SAD in the winter months

Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) is a type of depression that is often triggered in the autumn, as the days get shorter, leaving you with a low mood and lack of interest in life. Around 2 million people suffer with SAD in the UK each year, according to the NHS. Some people find that getting out in the sunshine and taking more exercise can help but if it persists SAD should be taken as seriously as any other form of depression. Psychodynamic therapy has been shown to be at least as effective at treating depression as other treatments and to have longer-lasting benefits in many cases.

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This is a place for occasional updates about counselling or psychotherapy in general and my practice in Henley-on-Thames and Reading in particular. For now, here is a link that might be useful to you: Your Options Berkshire is a website run by Reading Voluntary Action with information on local groups and agencies that can help with a range of problems:

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